Advancing Rock, Classic Rock and Blues Guitar Lessons in Mesa…

Been Playing for Several Years and Struggling to Stay Motivated or, Worse Yet, Losing Your Passion for Playing Altogether… 

Sound familiar:

  • You’ve watched every guitar DVD known to man and still don’t sound like your favorite players
  • You invest hours and hours in practicing but never get any better
  • Sick of seeing other people play and making it look so easy
  • Feel like you should be able to play whatever you hear in your mind already but continue to stumble over seemingly easy music.


This specific stage in a player’s musical path can be one of the most brutal, for sure! They begin wondering if they’ve wasted all their time chasing a passion they’ll never fully see happen. The self-doubt begins to creep in and suddenly the joy of playing VANISHES! Worst of all, as the joy melts away so does the hope of one day playing amazing sounding guitar for family and friends or even standing on a stage crushing it for adoring fans…

If this describes you, we understand exactly how you feel because we see similar situations in other advancing players every day!

What used to work for you as a beginning or intermediate player no longer progress your playing forward…

  • Practice strategies you once saw as effective become boring…
  • Making even small progress feels like trudging through the mud…
  • The music you play doesn’t sound as cool as it did when you were first learning…

Advancing Players Face Different and More Complex Challenges than Most Players…

Number 1 Challenge: Information Gaps + Bad Habits = Frustration and Overwhelm

Advancing guitarists have put in a ton of work to get to whatever level they’re at. In an ideal situation, advanced players should have built a strong foundation which includes elements like:

  • music theory
  • ear training
  • developing solid time
  • a large chord vocabulary
  • the ability to visualize the fretboard
  • rhythm playing
  • soloing techniques
  • strong phrasing skills
  • extensive scale knowledge
  • interacting with other musicians
  • songwriting
  • etc.

However, if we’re honest, there are probably more than a few gaps in that foundational knowledge, right? So, instead of being 80% of the way to musical freedom, maybe it’s more like 50%. Ouch!

Now, let’s add in the factor of bad habits that have been forming over the years. These bad habits create a HUGE bottleneck and limit the amount of success a player can see on the guitar. This feels disappointing because players now need to go backward to fix and relearn problematic areas to shatter the bottleneck before moving forward. Who wants to do that?! Let’s imagine that brings our total down to 40%…

With this in mind, it becomes easy to see where much of the frustration advancing players experience comes from…

They feel like they’ve invested a lot of time and should sound like a pro by now.

Unfortunately, the many small bottlenecks and information gaps make it impossible to achieve true freedom on the guitar.

The solution is unmasked as we look at how top performers climb to success and stay there…

It’s obvious that top performers invest years and years developing the necessary skills to be the best.

But how do they continue to improve and dominate in their field of expertise?

Take Arnold Palmer and Michael Jordan as prime examples of athletes that have been the best of the best and continually improved throughout their careers.

What was their secret? 

We could say natural talent and ability was a factor, but we all know many people with natural talent who will never be the next Arnold or Air Jordan.

Golf Sport Silhouette - Golfer finished Tee-shot

One common factor keeping people at the top of their game is the presence of a great coach, mentor and/or teacher WHO’S EXCEPTIONAL IN THE AREA THEY’RE COACHING…

  • The consistent support and empowerment of a great coach inspired Michael Jordan to continue practicing and improving on the basics of his game keeping him several steps ahead of the competition.
  • The knowledgeable eye of a coach watching every swing Arnold took on the practice tee diminishes the chance of developing bad habits and increased his feel for the game.
  • If these superior athletes saw and used the benefits of high-value coaching, shouldn’t we? The experienced coaching these two amazing athletes benefitted from made them game changers in their respective sports.

Having an experienced coach, mentor or teacher works the same way with developing and maintaining high levels of skill as a musician. Without the trained eye of an instructor consistently verifying the basic motions and elements of a player’s technique, there’s a much greater chance of halting progress or developing bad habits. Not to mention, addressing the mental aspects of playing and progressing to develop what can be considered the most important aspect high-level playing – MINDSET!


Just Imagine…

    • Playing amazing sounding music with Absolute Freedom and Confidence
    • Seeing the look on people’s faces as you improvise creative solos on the fly
    • Writing music You’re Proud and Excited to share with others
    • Gaining the respect of your local music scene as the “In Demand” player
    • Being motivated to practice every day because you know you’ll get better

At East Mesa School of Guitar, our highly trained instructors walk with you step-by-step down the path to your musical freedom and success! We’ve already experienced the “stuck in a rut” feelings you are and successfully break students free of that rut every day…

We want our students to succeed! We never hold our students hostage by just telling them where to put their fingers without showing them WHY! We use the latest training techniques and strategies we can find so our students have the very best opportunity to feel success and become accomplished self-sufficient musicians who play amazing sounding guitar!


“I thought lessons would be tedious and boring but Ty made them varied and fun as well as effective . . . my abilities greatly increased, my confidence is higher and my musical understanding is much deeper . . . Ty is a fantastic teacher and person who knows his stuff, has a ton of playing experience and knows how to communicate it in a clear and compelling way. I would recommend Ty’s services to anyone!”

Matt McMann – Professional Musician, Mesa, AZ



It’s Time for You to Regain the JOY You Once Felt Playing Guitar and Start Hearing the Results You Deserve. . . 

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