High Impact Guitar Training That Removes Frustration and Boredom!

If you’re like most advancing players these things probably sound familiar:

  • You own every guitar DVD known to man and still feel like something is missing from your playing.
  • You practice constantly and while you can play well, you don’t seem to find that sense of satisfaction you used to get from playing.
  • You’ve played with many bands on more gigs than you can count, but it’s difficult to gel and find a musical situation that feels comfortable.
  • You long for a sense of musical freedom allowing you to play whatever you hear in your heart and mind at a moments notice.


If you’ve experienced any of these you’re not alone! 

Have you noticed what used to work for you as a beginning or intermediate player no longer produces results?

  • The same practice strategies don’t work…
  • You don’t experience progress as quickly…
  • The joy you once experienced while learning new music has disappeared…

This Situation Exists Because Advancing Players Face Different and More Complex Challenges than Most Players!

Number 1 Challenge:

Information Gaps + Bad Habits = Frustration and Overwhelm

Advancing guitarists have put in a ton of work to get to whatever level they’re at. In an ideal situation, advanced players should have built roughly 80% of the needed foundation to play with musical freedom. That foundation includes elements like music theory, ear training, developing solid time, a large chord vocabulary, the ability to visualize the fretboard, rhythm playing, soloing techniques, strong phrasing skills, extensive scale knowledge, interacting with other musicians, songwriting, etc.

However, if we’re honest, there are probably more than a few gaps in that foundational knowledge, right? So, instead of being 80% of the way to musical freedom, maybe it’s more like 50%. Ouch!

Now, let’s add in the factor of bad habits that have been forming and setting in over the years. That creates a HUGE bottleneck and limits what a player can ultimately accomplish on the guitar. This pushes us back because we now need to go backward to fix and relearn problematic areas to remove the bottleneck before moving forward. Who wants to do that?! Let’s imagine that brings our total down to 40%…

Choosing the right musical instruction can be tough – especially for advancing players.

We’re here to help by offering a free, no-obligation consultation.

Here’s what you get:

  • Playing assessment with a professional instructor
  • Ton of great playing tips
  • Answers to your questions
  • Strategies for moving your playing forward

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With this in mind, it becomes easy to see where much of the frustration an advancing player experiences comes from. They feel like they’ve invested a lot of time and should have much more to show for it.

Unfortunately, the many small bottlenecks and information gaps make it impossible to achieve true mastery of the guitar.

So, is there a solution? Absolutely, but first, let’s look at how other top performers reach success…

How people at the absolute top of their game stay there:

It’s obvious that top performers invest years and years developing the necessary skills to be the best.

But how do they continue to improve and dominate in their field of expertise?

Take Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan as prime examples of athletes that have been the best of the best and continually improved throughout their careers. What was their secret? We could say natural talent and ability was a factor, but I know many people with natural talent who will never be the next Tiger or Air Jordan.

What was their secret? 

We could say natural talent and ability was a factor, but I know many people with natural talent who will never be the next Tiger or Air Jordan.

Golf Sport Silhouette - Golfer finished Tee-shot

One obvious common factor keeping people at the top of their game is the presence of a great coach, mentor and/or teacher WHO’S EXCEPTIONAL IN THE AREA THEY’RE COACHING…

  • The consistent support and empowerment of a great coach inspired Michael Jordan to continue practicing and improving on the basics of his game keeping him several steps ahead of the competition.
  • The knowledgeable eye of a coach watching every swing Tiger makes on the practice tee diminishes the chance of developing bad habits that are hard to correct.
  • If these superior athletes recognized the benefits of high-value coaching, shouldn’t we? The experienced coaching these two amazing athletes benefitted from made them game changers in their respective sports.

Having an experienced coach, mentor or teacher works the same way with developing and maintaining high levels of skill as a musician. Without the trained eye of an instructor consistently verifying the basic motions and elements of a player’s technique, there’s a much greater chance of halting progress or developing bad habits. Not to mention, addressing the mental aspects of playing and progressing to develop what can be considered the most important aspect high-level playing – MINDSET!

Advancing Guitarists Need a Proven Strategy That Produces Repeatable Results!

Advancing guitarists need several key elements to reach their playing goals and mastery of the instrument in a timely fashion.

Each player has a very intricate set of challenges that need to be met and dealt with in a systematic way.

I liken it to untying a string that’s been tied into one big knot. There’s only one way to untangle the knot and if you start in the wrong place the knot is never coming undone.

However, if you: 

  • Carefully study the knot
  • Determine where exactly to begin the untying process
  • Put a plan together for reaching the desired goal and…
  • Work through each individual tangle systematically

You’re almost guaranteed to end up with a great result.

Training advancing players is no different: 

  • Each player’s situation needs to be carefully evaluated to determine where their knowledge base is, all formed bad habits need to be pinpointed, and any mindset issues must be addressed
  • A strategic starting point is selected to efficiently address as many growth edges as possible
  • A carefully orchestrated plan of action is developed based on the overall goals of the player
  • The plan is implemented and systematically followed until mastery is achieved

Several factors must be considered for most advancing players:

Practice Strategies 

Learning to practice using more advanced strategies is the first step towards reaching goals more efficiently. As we’ve already established, the practice techniques (or lack thereof) that were used in the beginning and intermediate stages of playing won’t produce the same results for maturing players. Even something as simple as tracking what is practiced and for how long can supercharge a player’s drive to push on to mastery.

Training Frequency

Can anyone name a high-level sport that trains only once a week? It just doesn’t happen. Or, how many successful teams get together and train without a coach? Not any that I can think of…

Why should it be any different for musicians? Our highest achieving students regularly attend multiple training sessions and classes each week to gain the best possible results for themselves. They receive near-constant feedback on their playing removing the chance of creating bad habits, and they are consistently filling in information gaps at a very high rate. These students maximize their overall investment of time and funds and accomplish their goals much faster than most players.

Training Efficiency

Let’s face it, assuming a player has truly built 80% of their needed musical and technical foundation, the last 20% is going to be just as hard, if not harder, than the initial 80% was.

Doesn’t it make sense to leverage practice and training elements to achieve that last 20% as quickly as possible?

Learning in a high impact environment and applying advanced training techniques and strategies enables maximum leveraged time in all areas of musical studies. By systematically compounding learning elements in creative ways your goals can be reached in record time!

Mental Toughness

“Whether you think you can, or you think can’t – you’re right.” ~Henry Ford

Mental toughness is sometimes the forgotten key to successfully reaching any goal. Unfortunately, as players progress and challenges become more difficult, it becomes increasingly harder to maintain focus and a positive outlook.

Our main strategy for building mental toughness, focus and positive mindset is providing an environment that breeds success. Working with other people who are just as excited as you are to be progressing, learning techniques and strategies that provide amazing results and being constantly supported by experienced instructors who desire the best for their students goes a long way in making success the norm instead of the exception.

This Program Is NOT For Everyone
It should be apparent by now that this program is more than lessons for hobbyists or learning some flashy licks. Our instructors train very hard at significant expense to provide the results serious players desire.

If you’re ready to experience great results and start playing guitar like you’ve always dreamed, this common-sense based training will help you reach musical freedom!

Are You Ready To…

  • Play guitar with total freedom and ease
  • Play things you’ve always dreamed of playing AND THEN SOME!
  • Write music you’re proud and excited to share with others
  • Earn a living as a professional musician by being the “In Demand” player in your area
  • Learn and apply the secret practice and training strategies of the pros


“I had always felt that I needed lessons (I am basically self-taught). But I was apprehensive. Both from the fear of the unknown, as well as not having the self-confidence to be able to learn and play better. . . Completely different now. I have gained a much better understanding of the guitar . . . Greater fretboard knowledge . . . A better understanding of notes and keys and their relationship . . . and my confidence level has improved. . .

Ty is a fantastic instructor that will get you motivated and excited to play every day. His teaching methods are easy and fun to learn.

You still have to do the exercises, but man – it’s fun!”

Fred Boye – Guitarist, Mesa, AZ

Are you up for the challenge? 

If so, tell us more about your guitar playing and goals…

This training is customized to you and your overall playing goals. Answers to the questions below enable us to better understand your expectations and desired results from this training. You will also be given the opportunity to schedule a free, no-obligation private playing assessment where we can discuss strategies for your playing growth in more detail.

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“I thought lessons would be tedious and boring but Ty made them varied and fun as well as effective . . . my abilities greatly increased, my confidence is higher and my musical understanding is much deeper . . . Ty is a fantastic teacher and person who knows his stuff, has a ton of playing experience and knows how to communicate it in a clear and compelling way. I would recommend Ty’s services to anyone!”

Matt McMann – Worship Pastor and Professional Musician, Mesa, AZ


“. . . the personal attention and quality of the session is worth it. I always wanted to learn and now I feel I can do it because of Ty.”

Joe S. – Guitarist and Local Celebrity -Mesa, AZ


“…Ty is The Man! If you want to learn correctly he is the way to go… Before starting at East Mesa School of Guitar I was afraid lessons would be boring. . . My perceptions have changed and learning has been fun and exciting. . . I am way ahead of where I thought I would be and leave every class feeling I have learned a lot of useful techniques. I want to say Thank-You.”

Lionel T. – Guitarist, Tempe,  AZ


“I have wasted, well, maybe not wasted, but spent a lot time and money in getting by with a few former instructors . . . for the first time I feel as though I have obtained a lot better understanding of what and why guitar players do what they do . . . Better understanding of scales and why that box of notes in that scale will usually sound harmonic, a better understanding of theory, and the tablature markings such as bends, hammers etc. . . Through Ty’s positive approach I’m finding out I can accomplish something I did not have confidence in. I leave Ty’s place, even when it’s been a rough week or whatever, ready to come home and practice!

You cannot find anybody who will take the time and stick his neck out for you in your learning!

Rick Blackard – Guitarist, Mesa, AZ

“Ty’s lessons prepared me to play in the church band, helped me write my own stuff and helped me pick up songs quicker . . . I would definitely recommend Ty’s lessons

Kilian McMann – Student, Mesa, AZ


Here’s to your success and excellence in mastering the guitar and making music . . .

Talk soon,