We know finding the right guitar instruction can be challenging. That’s why we offer all new students a free, no-obligation playing assessment and lesson.

Here’s what you get:

  • Lesson with a professional instructor
  • Ton of great playing tips
  • Answers to your questions
  • Strategies for moving your playing forward

Tell us more about your guitar playing and goals…

This training is customized to you and your overall playing goals. Answers to the questions below enable us to better understand your expectations and desired results from this training. After answering these questions, you will also be given the opportunity to schedule your private playing assessment.

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“I thought lessons would be tedious and boring but Ty made them varied and fun as well as effective . . . my abilities greatly increased, my confidence is higher and my musical understanding is much deeper . . . Ty is a fantastic teacher and person who knows his stuff, has a ton of playing experience and knows how to communicate it in a clear and compelling way. I would recommend Ty’s services to anyone!”

Matt McMann – Worship Pastor and Professional Musician, Mesa, AZ


“. . . the personal attention and quality of the session is worth it. I always wanted to learn and now I feel I can do it because of Ty.”

Joe S. – Guitarist and Local Celebrity -Mesa, AZ


“…Ty is The Man! If you want to learn correctly he is the way to go… Before starting at East Mesa School of Guitar I was afraid lessons would be boring. . . My perceptions have changed and learning has been fun and exciting. . . I am way ahead of where I thought I would be and leave every class feeling I have learned a lot of useful techniques. I want to say Thank-You.”

Lionel T. – Guitarist, Tempe,  AZ


“I have wasted, well, maybe not wasted, but spent a lot time and money in getting by with a few former instructors . . . for the first time I feel as though I have obtained a lot better understanding of what and why guitar players do what they do . . . Better understanding of scales and why that box of notes in that scale will usually sound harmonic, a better understanding of theory, and the tablature markings such as bends, hammers etc. . . Through Ty’s positive approach I’m finding out I can accomplish something I did not have confidence in. I leave Ty’s place, even when it’s been a rough week or whatever, ready to come home and practice!

You cannot find anybody who will take the time and stick his neck out for you in your learning!

Rick Blackard – Guitarist, Mesa, AZ

“Ty’s lessons prepared me to play in the church band, helped me write my own stuff and helped me pick up songs quicker . . . I would definitely recommend Ty’s lessons

Kilian McMann – Student, Mesa, AZ




Here’s to your success and excellence in mastering the guitar and making music!

Talk soon,
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