Attention Beginning Rock and Blues Guitar Players in/near Mesa…

Been Playing Less Than 6 Months and Serious About Mastering the Guitar and Playing Up-And-Down the Fretboard with Ease and Confidence… 

What’s stopped you from learning guitar?

  • Maybe you’ve bought into the myth that it takes too long to become good
  • Maybe you think learning guitar is only for the “special” few with gobs of talent
  • Maybe you wanted to learn when you were younger and life took over

We talk with students all the time who struggle with these very same situations.

Whatever the reason – isn’t it time to grab a guitar and start having fun…

Just imagine…

  • Having a blast jamming with your buddies
  • Hearing your favorite songs or amazing sounding solos explode from your guitar
  • Feeling the freedom and confidence knowing not just how but why you’re playing something brings
  • How quickly you’ll learn because you’ll know exactly what and how to practice so you don’t waste any time
  • Having a highly trained and experienced team of instructors who know the path to great playing at your service until you reach your playing goals…

Beginning Guitar Lessons Mesa

I’m Ty and my journey to learning guitar wasn’t always smooth! I found myself stuck and ready to give up more times than I can count. . .

I tried everything from taking traditional guitar lessons to watching every guitar video I could find… But it just took way too long and I couldn’t play like any of my favorite players!

I knew there had to be a better, faster, more exciting way to learn guitar.

After an exhaustive search, I found a better way when I started taking lessons with an experienced teacher who understood how and when to teach concepts ensuring I made progress every time I picked up the guitar.

It’s now my mission to pass this gift on to other players so they do not have to fight through the struggles I did. East Mesa School of Guitar uses a structured and easy to follow, step-by-step plan so you learn the RIGHT THINGS in the CORRECT ORDER at the PROPER TIME, based on your personal goals and desired playing results. We use this process every day to walk with students until they can play the music they love.


Why You Can Expect Success at East Mesa School of Guitar

1. A full assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and goals along with a plan to overcome those obstacles as you learn and progress. Most teachers NEVER even think to track the progress and the ever-evolving goals of their students this way!

2. You will learn how to practice effectively so you can gain maximum results with minimum effort!

3. You will learn the right things at the right time and in the right way. Most teachers don’t know how to do this, and will either give you items that are far too hard or too simple.

4. You will save TIME and MONEY that would be otherwise wasted on purchasing books, DVD, online courses, or taking lessons from mediocre teachers and then trying to make sense of them by yourself.

5. You will learn to play guitar up to 4 times faster than on your own. No more feeling stuck!

6. You will get instant feedback on your playing, and live demonstrations of the correct techniques. No more guessing if you are doing the right thing!

7. You will learn skills that are relevant to your musical goals, not nursery rhymes.

8. You will gain motivation and inspiration to become the guitarist you have always wanted to become.

9. You will learn how music works and so you can learn new songs or write your own music much faster.

10. You will improve your musicality and ear for music.


Why Our Students See and Hear Massive Progress…

Result Driven Topics

  • Tuning
  • Playing notes cleanly
  • Changing chords smoothly
  • Developing rhythmic feel
  • Essential techniques for jamming
  • Music reading foundations
  • Many more crucial playing elements

High-Quality Materials

  • Class notebook to organize content
  • Professionally produced backing tracks making practice sessions more fun
  • Online access to materials
  • Yours to keep for future reference

Ongoing Training that Nurtures Growing Players

  • As musical foundations are built and solidified, students are specially trained and with a greater emphasis on advancing levels of musicianship

Enhanced Training to Eliminate the Creation of Bad Habits

  • Students are trained using specialized techniques eliminating bad habits before they develop

Professional Instruction that’s Fun and Effective

  • Highly trained instructors help you overcome challenges in fresh and exciting ways
  • We walk through the learning process with you marching toward your goals as a team
  • Students learn how to practice in fun ways that make them sound like they’re already in a band…

Blues Guitar Lessons in Mesa







If you’ve always pictured yourself as a well-rounded, self-sufficient player, we can help.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process making it easy for you to play guitar quickly using this proven learning strategy…

Begin your musical journey today:

1. Tell us about your guitar journey and overall playing goals using the form below. These answers enable us to understand your expectations and desired results from this training. Please be as thorough as possible so we can help you play music fast.

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