Beginning Blues Guitar Lessons in Mesa…

Been Learning Guitar for Less Than 6 Months and Ready to Start Jamming with Friends, Hearing Great Blues Solos Explode from Your Guitar and Feel the Sense of Accomplishment Great Playing Brings…

  • Always loved the sound of players like B.B. King, Stevie Ray, Albert King, Clapton, Buddy Guy, etc. and weren’t sure where to start…
  • Signed up for beginning lessons and quickly saw they had nothing to do with playing blues…
  • Feeling frustrated trying to teach yourself… 
  • Wondering if only the “naturally talented” can play…

We understand how confusing it can seem when starting to learn blues guitar. Information overload coupled with inexperienced teachers can ruin the fun, for sure! We see new students all the time who have worked to try and get their blues playing on track and hear a lot of the same stories…

Mesa Guitar Lessons

Why most playing solutions NEVER work:

For self-learners: the failure rate is high because they have tons of information in the form of Youtube, DVDs, magazines, etc. at their fingertips. Information is great, but disjointed information rarely presents a clear, easy to attain picture enabling students to sound great while playing the Blues.

For people who’ve tried lessons: lack of experience on the instructor’s part usually leaves students feeling overwhelmed and frustrated until they get fed up and quit. Hearing no feedback and not seeing a clear course of study can really deflate a new players confidence…

Learning to play great sounding blues guitar can be much easier than most people think and feels amazing

Can you…

  • See yourself jamming and having a blast playing music with friends and family
  • Hear great sounding Blues tunes pouring out of your fingertips every time you play
  • Feel the freedom and confidence you have as you overcome all doubts that are holding you back
  • Imagine how quickly you’ll start making music by knowing exactly how and what to practice
  • Embrace the success a team highly trained and experienced instructors who actually walk through the process with you until you become an amazing Blue guitar player…

I’m Ty, and when I started playing I struggled to play like my favorite blues players…


I wore out my dad’s B.B. King records trying to unlock the magical sound Lucille made! I shredded my fingers searching for the amazing feeling and soul of Stevie Ray! Unfortunately, I never even came close!

After years of frustration (and painful fingers:-) I finally found a teacher that showed me exactly how to play with feel and FIRE and the floodgates of great sounding music opened. Not only did I learn how great players captured the hearts of adoring fans, I learned to create the pro sound that made all my friends say, “WOW!” and enabled me to have fun every time I picked up the guitar!

Through this long journey, I’ve pinpointed a reliable blueprint making the process of learning and progressing at blues guitar fast, fun and effective for players who are serious about sounding like the greats.

We help players shatter the myths and frustration of learning blues guitar and equip them with the tools to sound great playing the music they love…

Blues Guitar Lessons Mesa

Check out some of Nick’s playing below…

Here are Nick W. and Joe E. performing on their Youtube channel! Check it out and give ’em a like…



Just a Few Benefits Our Students Experience

Intensive Topics So Students See Fast Progress

  • Extensive 12-Bar blues training
  • Most common scales used in blues
  • Blues phrasing and playing expressively
  • Ear training Essentials
  • Must-have techniques for jamming
  • Music reading foundations
  • Many more crucial playing elements

Materials and Content that Make Learning Fun

  • Class notebook to organize content
  • Professionally produced training tracks
  • Online access to materials
  • Yours to keep for future reference

Ongoing Training to Nurture Growing Players

  • As musical foundations are built and solidified, students are offered opportunities to train more often and with a greater emphasis on advancing levels of musicianship

Enhanced Playing Opportunities to Eliminate the Creation of Bad Habits

  • Students are specially trained to eliminate bad habits before they develop

Professional Instruction that’s Fun and Effective

  • Highly trained instructors help you overcome challenges in fresh and exciting ways
  • We walk through the learning process with you marching toward your goals as a team
  • Students learn how to practice in fun ways that make them sound like they’re already in great Blues band…

Blues Guitar Lessons in Mesa

Mesa Guitar Lessons


Answers to Common Questions:

I have always wanted to play Blues but never even picked up a guitar, can you teach someone like me?

Answer: Absolutely! No prior knowledge of guitar or other instruments is needed. We walk with you through all the necessary skills you’ll need to play some great sounding blues.

I’ve played guitar for quite a while but would love to learn the blues. Is this class for me?

Answer: This program is designed for people with very little playing experience and might not be the best fit for you. Fortunately, we have plenty of programs for players with more experience. Please contact us for details.

I’ve been told I’m tone-deaf, can I still learn Blues Guitar?

Answer: More than likely, yes, you can! The reality is most people aren’t really tone-deaf. Try this quick test, do you enjoy listening to music in general? If so, you are definitely not tone-deaf because you experience the emotion music creates. You simply need to enhance how deeply you hear the music you’re listening to or playing…

Will I learn to play by ear?

Answer: Yes! Learning and playing by ear is a handy skill for all musicians but it’s essential for the Blues. We train all students to hear music on a much deeper level than most learning methods which will improve not only their ability to grow as players but also enhances their enjoyment of all music they listen to.

Will I learn to read music?

Answer: While there aren’t many music stands on the stage at a Blues jam there are definite advantages to having a foundation in reading chord changes and understanding song roadmaps. Even though this program is for new players the music reading skills studied will transfer over into any other types of music one may choose to play in the future.

What styles of Blues will I learn in this program?

Answer: There are as many styles of Blues as there are Blues players; Chicago, Mississippi Delta, Rural, Folk, Texas, British, Rock, Jump, Rhythm & Blues, Memphis, Gospel, West Coast, Kansas City, Electric, Acoustic… Well, you get the point:-) This program does a great job building a foundation that translates to a large majority of popular Blues styles. Once this foundation is in place the student can explore the styles they are most drawn to with more confidence and freedom.

What techniques will I learn during this program?

Answer: You will learn two basic categories of Blues guitar technique: Rhythm and Lead. On the rhythm side of things you’ll learn about the 12-bar Blues, developing your rhythmic instinct, understanding and feeling the Blues shuffle, playing with a band, adding value to a musical situation by making pro level rhythmic choices, etc. On the lead side you’ll learn how to master the fretboard so you never get lost, apply the pentatonic scale (major and minor) across the entire guitar neck, string bending techniques, phrasing like the Blues greats, slide guitar, developing speed and accuracy in your lead playing and much, much more.

How old or young can I be to learn Blues guitar?

Answer: Blues is a timeless music style. We start teaching kids as young as 8, teens and adults (our oldest student to date is 87!) Each age group has dedicated classes.

Where do these classes take place?

Answer: These classes are taught at a professional teaching studio located in a commercial building in East Mesa.

Do you travel to student homes?

Answer: No, we believe in providing the best possible learning environment for our clients so all classes are taught at our East Mesa studio location.

This program sounds great but what are some reasons I should invest the time to learn with you?

Answer: Our mission at East Mesa School of Guitar is to provide a positive, fun learning environment that helps dedicated students play guitar the way they’ve always wanted to. Our staff of highly trained instructors work hard to train students using professionally created class materials (no scribbled out tabs or tattered photocopies), state of the art training techniques that make learning music fun and exciting (no boring exercises that leave you uninspired) and become self-sufficient musicians (We don’t hold our students hostage by just telling them where to put their fingers) who can thrive in any musical situation. We want you to succeed and start playing great sounding blues guitar!


If being a well-rounded, self-sufficient blues guitar player sounds good to you, we can help.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process making it easy for you to play guitar quickly using this proven learning strategy…


Start jamming and playing great sounding blues guitar today:

1. Tell us about your guitar journey and overall playing goals using the form below. These answers enable us to understand your expectations and desired results from this training. Please be as thorough as possible so we can help you play music fast.

2. Once we review your inquiry you’ll receive info on scheduling your complimentary consultation.


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P.S. Not sure if this program is a good fit for you? We want to make your search for blues guitar instruction as effective as possible. That’s why we offer a no-cost consultation to all new students. Get Started Now.