Attention Frustrated Intermediate Guitar Players…

ALL intermediate and advancing musicians find themselves at a CROSSROADS in their development…

Do any of these sound familiar…

  • You’re easily frustrated and have no idea how or what to practice to get better
  • You know bits-n-pieces of songs but can’t play anything beginning to end
  • You find yourself playing the same things over-and-over
  • Your playing confidence has slowly disappeared and replaced with doubt and discouragement

This phase of playing can seem very overwhelming and frustrating and actually cause most players to give up completely. It sucks to have invested who knows how many hours and probably a fair amount of money just to find yourself stuck and unable to progress any further!

man with guitar


If you live in or near the Mesa, AZ area and have experienced any of these feelings, we understand exactly how you feel! In fact, we see players who’ve reached very similar plateaus in their own playing all the time.

Why is this plateau so common… 

There are several common reasons why every player experiences this crossroad:

  • Unbalanced development in foundational playing skills because no roadmap was used to build skills systematically
  • No knowledge of how to practice for real growth because most learning methods just provide the information not how to practice it effectively
  • Lack of focus on playing elements until they are fully developed because Youtube videos and guitar DVDs don’t provide the accountability an experienced teacher does
  • Buildup of bad habits creating bottlenecks in playing growth because there was no feedback as skills were being developed or, an inexperienced teacher provided the wrong guidance 

Our passion is to help intermediate players realize they’ve reached a very critical point in their playing development and then strategically guide them along the path to their personal BREAKTHROUGH as a player.


What exactly is this BREAKTHROUGH, anyway?

While it can be experienced differently from person-to-person, here are a few of the constants we’ve experienced over-and-over in ourselves and other players:

  • The dots suddenly connect and you find yourself “playing” music not “over-thinking” what you’re playing
  • Things that seemed very difficult to play become much easier almost overnight.
  • You begin hearing music in a more detailed and deeper way
  • You begin thinking in, and speaking the language of music fluently without a second thought. Music becomes an instinct and mode of communication instead of just a skill…


Let us help you achieve playing success…

Most intermediate and advancing players would never have experienced the “Breakthrough” had it not been for the guidance of musicians who had already been there and overcame the plateau.

Out team of highly trained instructors know the frustration you’re feeling because they’ve already pushed through this plateau themselves. That’s why they’re able to help players achieve levels of progress and success they never dreamed possible by walking through the process step-by-step with them!


I had always felt that I needed lessons (I am basically self-taught). But I was apprehensive. Both from the fear of the unknown, as well as not having the self-confidence to be able to learn and play better. . . Completely different now. I have gained a much better understanding of the guitar . . . Greater fretboard knowledge . . . A better understanding of notes and keys and their relationship . . . and my confidence level has improved. . .

Ty is a fantastic instructor that will get you motivated and excited to play every day. His teaching methods are easy and fun to learn.

You still have to do the exercises, but man – it’s fun!”

Fred Boye – Guitarist, Mesa, AZ



It’s Time for You to Experience THE “Breakthrough” Separating Intermediate Players from the Pros. . . 

We make it easy for you to FIND MUSICAL FREEDOM and CONFIDENCE by using a proven learning strategy that’s fun and walks you step-by-step through the process!  

Here’s how you get started:

1. Scroll down and click the big orange button.

2. On the next page tell us about your guitar journey and overall playing goals. These answers enable us to understand your expectations and desired results from this training. Please be as thorough as possible so we can help you progress as quickly as possible.


We Look forward to meeting and taking this musical journey with you!

All the best,




P.S. Not sure if this program is a good fit for you? We want to make your search for guitar instruction as effective as possible. That’s why we offer a no-cost consultation to all new students. Get Started Now.