Give Your Kids the Experience of Guitar Lessons and

Discover the Impact Learning An Instrument Has On a Life! 

Learning guitar is a great fit for your family if: 

– You have children (ages 7 – 10) who show an interest in learning guitar

– You’ve always wanted your kids to learn but didn’t know where to start

– You want your children to excel in their academic life

– You desire fuller life skill development in key areas


This class for beginning youth guitar players is designed

to help your children have fun in a creative environment

while developing a new skill and talent!

mesa kids guitar lessons

We understand you want the best for your children. If you’ve been searching to find the right instruction for your child you undoubtedly know how hard it is to find qualified programs.

That’s exactly why we designed this program! Our goal was to build a children’s program providing high-quality instruction taught by highly-trained and caring instructors. We’ve invested a lot of time and resources to build a new generation of musicians who are continually working towards self-sufficiency in their playing. Our students work to master the skills needed to learn the music they love without needing the aid of online resources, incorrect tabs or unqualified instructors.

East Mesa School of Guitar goes above and beyond the usual expectations to provide your children with fun, modern learning materials and programs enabling them to learn quickly and have a BLAST!

Our instructors are not only skilled and highly trained at what they do, they understand how to motivate and mentor players to reach new heights of skill and creativity. They also strive to customize each student’s learning path providing an excellent experience and results.


Not Only Will Your Child Learn Music,
Here’s an Abbreviated List of Life Skills They’ll Develop…

  • Self-ConfidenceProgress_Graph
  • Creativity
  • Self-Discipline
  • Leadership abilities
  • Increased social interaction and awareness skills
  • Being a team player
  • Ability to perform confidently in front of others
  • Enhanced academic performance
  • Spacial-Temporal skills (recognizing and connecting info when problem solving)

Musical Benefits Your Child Receives with This Program


Result Driven Topics

  • How to properly tune the guitar
  • Playing chords cleanly and smoothly
  • Easily changing chords on time and in rhythm
  • Fundamental skills in reading music notation
  • Plenty of fun songs from bands and artists like: The Beatles, Bob Marley, Beethoven and Elvis

High-Quality Materials

  • All books and class content are proven and results oriented
  • Professionally produced backing tracks to aid in practice sessions at home
  • Online access to materials
  • Yours to keep for future reference


Ongoing Training

  • All students have opportunities to attend instructor supervised training sessions during the week
  • Q & A sessions for new material to really help solidify concepts for the students

Professional Instruction

  • Highly-trained instructors who work with students to overcome any challenges
  • We walk through the learning process step-by-step and customize learning to match each student’s goals
  • Students learn the latest practice techniques for maximum results so they make faster progress


With East Mesa School of Guitar your child will receive a proven, quality program because we’ve helped hundreds of players learn guitar and reach their goals.

Mesa guitar lessons for kids


Begin Your Child’s Musical Journey Today…

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