Has Your Guitar Playing Been On Hold 1 Year, 10 Years, More?

Does the thought of picking up the guitar again sound exciting to you?

How To Start Playing Again Without Feeling Like a Total Beginner…

  • Are your guitars collecting dust and yearning to be played?
  • Did taking lessons as a kid leave you overwhelmed or frustrated?
  • Did you enjoy jamming with friends back in high school but never felt like an accomplished player?
  • Did you give up on your guitar dreams because life happened?
  • Have you occasionally tried to start learning again but failed to reach your goals?

We talk with restarting guitar players all the time that have very similar stories. They began playing early in life and then set it aside to build a career, get married, have kids, etc. Now they have the time but can’t seem to find the right fit for instruction which is extremely frustrating.

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This frustration to find the proper instruction happens for a couple of key reasons:

Technology: With all the self-learning options available, many players fall victim to the Youtube/DVD/Rocksmith trap. While these are great learning aids, they are missing the most important learning tool ever… FEEDBACK! Without the consistent feedback of well-trained instructor, the creation of bad habits is almost a sure bet.

Improperly Matched Instruction: Inexperienced instructors are to blame for many, many players giving up on their musical dreams. Instructors without a solid foundation of teaching experience and training will most likely leave their students overwhelmed, frustrated, filled with self-doubt or worst or all, bored because they don’t know how to train students with a good playing foundation.

You’re not a beginner and shouldn’t learn or train like one…

What if…

  • You could leverage your existing guitar knowledge so you could learn guitar faster and play the music you love for family and friends
  • You could pick up any guitar and make whatever you chose to play sound AMAZING
  • You could overcome any doubts, fears or misperceptions that are holding you back and start playing with freedom and confidence at your local jam sessions
  • You were 100% sure you would become a better guitarist every time you practiced
  • You had a highly trained and experienced team of instructors who know a step-by-step process that makes learning and progressing on guitar fun and exciting and are dedicated to walking through that process with you until you reached your musical goals

Most players experience interruptions in their musical journey during their life. In fact, since most of our instructors have experienced similar interruptions in their own playing development, our students gain another, very valuable, level of insight and experience that most new or inexperienced teachers can’t possibly offer.

If you’re like most restarting players, you can probably still play a few chords or riffs from “back in the day.” Perhaps you’ve dabbled throughout the years and can read some tab or look up chord-and-lyric sheets on the internet. That means a basic beginner’s class would no doubt bore you and do little to get you fired up to practice and progress.

That’s where our ReSet program comes into play. This is a customized curriculum for players that already possess some of the skills needed to master guitar but may need a quick refresher on some of the foundational elements.

For instance, most players need a small adjustment to the way they hold the guitar to maximize results. This one adjustment provides the guaranteed benefits of faster overall playing progress and reduced muscle fatigue enabling the player to play longer during practice sessions and musical situations like jam circles or performing with a band.

That said, instead of taking a large portion of class time to go over holding the guitar, a couple of minutes can be invested to make the needed adjustments before moving on to more pressing matters.

It’s the best of both worlds because any gaps can be quickly filled before moving on while still making fast progress.

The PROPER information at the CORRECT time – the boredom of a beginner’s class = RESULTS!

 Here are just a few things this program offers you:

  • Customized training based on your personal desires and expectations so you reach YOUR goals as quickly as possible
    • Whether you want to play a few tunes around a campfire or be a ROCKSTAR, this curriculum will provide a proven plan for success.
  • You’ll learn how music works on a functional and useful level so you can play in any musical situation with authority and ease
    • Learning songs by ear, reading music notation, communicating with other musicians and even writing your own music doesn’t require a massive amount of music theory knowledge to accomplish. In fact, just a small amount of easily applied techniques will enable you to do a lot of the things most people think are “natural gifts!”
  • You’ll build confidence as a player by mastering several key elements all great players have:
    • The ability to practice with maximum efficiency so you can make progress during every practice session
    • The ability to learn the fretboard so you can play actual music instead of mindlessly running up and down scales
    • Learn specific listening awareness skills that will have you playing in time and with amazing groove in any musical situation
    • Learn the skills needed to master songs from your favorite artists and players so you can build a large catalog of songs to play at family functions, jam circles or with a band
  • If lead playing is your goal you will:
    • Learn the easily applied techniques your favorite players use to sound amazing so you can play with feel and emotion every time you pick up the guitar
    • Learn how to improvise great leads on the spot so you can come up with an endless supply of awesome sounding phrases in all musical settings

This list could go for days!

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Few things match the sense of accomplishment players feel when they can pick up any guitar and make what they choose to play sound AMAZING!

If being a well-rounded, self-sufficient and confident guitar player sounds good to you, we can help.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process making it easy for you to get back into playing shape quickly using this proven learning strategy…

Get restarted on your guitar journey today:

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