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Hello and congratulations for taking a HUGE step in your musical journey! In order for East Mesa School of Guitar to better serve you and your family, as well as verify everybody starts with healthy expectations, the following registration information must be completed before moving forward.

Follow these simple steps to make sure everything is processed as quickly as possible:

  • Read the Welcome Pack for useful info about your instruction using the “Click to Read” button below
  • Read the Student Policy for a better understand of our agreement with each other using the “Click to Read” button below
  • Fill out and send the form below the Welcome Pack and Student Policy signifying you’ve read and agree with current expectations
  • Scroll down and enter in current contact information for you and/or your student
  • Once the Contact Info is sent you’ll be directed to a secure page to pay tuition for this class

If you have questions or need assistance, please send us an email at

 Welcome Pack

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 Student Policy

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Student Contact Information


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