(Must be filled out and submitted by the 15th of the month PRIOR to discontinuing enrollment. For example, if you intend to stop enrollment in September this form must be completed and submitted before August 15th.)

It’s been a pleasure serving you and/or your student’s music instruction needs. If a future need for music instruction presents itself please keep East Mesa School of Guitar in mind. This form is a way for us to continually improve the instruction we offer our students as well as remove students from our billing cycle as needed.

Please note: If you are canceling enrollment on a seasonal basis (summer break, sports, extra curricular activities, etc.) your, or your student’s spot in our schedule will be forfeited. Also, any student loyalty discounts you may be receiving such as lower tuition based on enrollment continuation after a startup program or a grandfathered tuition rate will not be reinstated upon re-enrollment.

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